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We contribute through partnerships with individuals and organisations.

Whilst we work on our own distinct projects we support and work alongside many other agencies – statutory and voluntary bodies , adding value to what others are doing. We know that we can achieve more together, adding our unique set of skills and experience to the services that other organisations already offer. We’re not here to replace existing activities or compete with other charities.

Our networks mean that we can help and influence people as a specialist national charity to raise the profile of public health issues.

  • Project Director - London Borough of Lambeth

    SAMEC played a pivotal role in reaching residents who would not normally get involved. This was essential otherwise the whole picture is incomplete. Their inclusive and professional approach was crucial to making the consultation a success.

Whats the Problem

Young people can be a valuable route of empowering family members  to be better informed about health issues .

Our Solution

A youth led project to provide an illuminating insight in to Black and Minority Ethnic community perceptions, barriers and attitudes toward health.