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South Asian Alzheimer’s Network in Brent

Our community research and engagement activity during this covid era has highlighted the increasing number of pressure points affecting family relationships and general wellbeing. One such pressure point we have found is that many early-stage sufferers and their families are, for various reasons, not getting the help they desperately need.

We are reaching out to members of the South Asian community in Brent through this project with the aims of:

  • breaking-down the barriers in understanding and acknowledgement dementia;
  • increasing early diagnosis and access to mainstream health services and support
  • establishing a community-led information and advocacy network

The project helped me so much in knowing I am not alone

Further Information

Please contact in confidence us at SAMEC Trust if you have any questions, need any support or information or perhaps would like to get involved in our work

This project is generously funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.